September 15, 2020

It is not quite as composed, of course, but it’s far ahead of the other cars in its class for handling and ease of operation. This review, in contrast, is accurate, funny and to-the-point. You would think Dodge could have done a little better. You want to talk about small, vanilla, econo tin-box sewing machines and bash the Caliber as a non-competitor. I seemed to have found gods gift to driving through the random situations which south central Alaska is known to generate.

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Dodge Caliber Review

The platform is a joint Mitsubishi-Chrysler effort, but I believe that the development of specific cars off the shared platform is largely independent. My impression from having had a Caliber as a loaner a few spott ago… The first thing I noticed when getting in it was the hard plastic on every surface you usually touch, such as elbow rests. Thanks for the confirmation, Lesley.

If you do use the sxh shift it does get up to speed faster. Might be hard to find right now, but next year?

I speak as one of these people. Coachbuilding for the Relatively Regular Customer? I have test driven several Calibers and thought it was a nice solid driving car for everyday life with great safety features and still gets 30 mpg on the highway. As I drove off the first time I remember thinking this is something I might like to buy some day. Fortunately not to long after I bought my car, DCX came out with a TSB flash that addressed this lack of canadiadriver issue which completely took care of it.


Suffice it to say, keep the rpm around and the Caliber motors along in relative quiet. I just hope Chrysler can do it in time to save the company.

But, nope, the tax credit applies to s as well: Not my cup of tea, but whatever…. The dash and center console rattled when I drove over the first speed bump out of the rental parking lot, and the dash kept rattleing the whole three days I had it.

Maybe I should apply for a job as a writer for this site. Back to Top Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. It really looks like a cartoon of a car. As others have said, I see this as a being a flash-in-the-pan redesign, which will make their long-term problems even worse.

Caliber was bad news. The only one of note is the Vibe, but why not save your money and get the less hideous Toyota version? I hated the Neon, but the Caliber makes me nostalgic for it.


Perhaps the original configuration was much worse. The interior, the handling, and the visability are all exceptional for this class. I would have a lot less trouble with it visually if the rear end were cleaned up a bit more. Sdt actually like the looks of the car. As far as I know, the Omni was the first time that Detroit was successful in creating an economy car.

Lots of cars are regarded as ugly when they first appear. I plan to keep it a while.

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Finally there is an American-made alternative to the boring, mundane cars from Asia, and the other American econoboxes. Terry, this is still an entry level economy car. I seemed to have found gods gift to driving through the random situations which south central Alaska is known to generate. Unfortunately there are three problems with the car that will keep it from gaining any more ground.

Tactile qualities sell cars as much as canadiamdriver content. It did, and still does have fantastic, American, and original styling.