September 16, 2020

But there’s something else interesting about the converted video files. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Regardless, isn’t that the normal quality for this camera? In Lo mode, the eDVR captures by , 15fps, with 64 kilobit per second audio. Indoors at night you’ll be waiting something in the order of three seconds for it to take a still shot after you press the button. Now, there’s not a lot you can do with a two-button, two-digit, two-LED pipe between device and user.

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Sometimes you can get wdvr that aspires to the status of art, but I wouldn’t reserve any gallery space just yet if I were you. The eDVR is, clearly, not what it’s advertised to be.

Sunrich Technology eDVR digital camera

After a bit of work, I finally got the lense loose, and I refocused it the best I could. At first, I thought it was a bit of a disaster.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. This camera hasn’t been used much maybe 10 timesand it is still brand new.

ST Labs 5 in 1 eDVR Micro Camcorder – Weighs less than an ounce! – $40 – RC Groups

I already had a 5 in 1 eDVR that took blurry videos before, so I knew how to fix it by taking it apart and re-focusing the lense. It doesn’t have hideous distortion, or protective panels that give it monstrous flare problems. I’m not making the plane footage available for download, partly because the only place the eDVR could be strapped onto the plane in question left it looking through the propeller giving some interesting horizontal lines, and a storm of edbr noise on the audio trackbut mainly because the original STJ file was deleted, after being converted into But there’s something else interesting about the converted video files.


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First Onboard Video – 5in1 eDVR Camera

Then, and only then, can you press Mode again to go to video mode – and, once again, you have to wait for 5iin1 to show you the quality display before it’ll show you “du” for some reason From that page, you can download a program called AVICreate if the st.

Posted 07 July – Power-off is automatic if you don’t press any buttons for long enough. So what’s the catch? Even one second is quite long enough for you to think the picture’s done and lower your hand, resulting in a masterful diagonally blurred shot the footpath. AVICreate converted the same file in less than ten seconds.

No matter; it’s over 25fps, and that’s fine.

There are some particular reasons to want a camera like this one rather than eevr “proper” digicam, even if you don’t care much about the price.

If you don’t care about the size, though, you can just stick with STVCodec. Users of other OSes would appear to be left out in the cold, though. This is an intelligent way of doing it.

When you press the Mode button once, the display shows the quality setting “Hi”, for instancethen “Ac” for audio mode. But it does capture 30 frame per second video, albeit in byand it is very small and light, and it is also cheap.


Review: Sunrich Technology eDVR digital camera

Taking pictures The eDVR’s still images are, as is normal for cameras of this type, supremely unremarkable. The eDVR’s low light performance is not good, again as normal for cameras of this type. This is quite straightforward – install the driver and the eDVR becomes a regular Windows Video device though its microphone doesn’t appear to work; you’ll have to use your sound card line in and a separate micso you can use it with the video conferencing software of your choice. This is good; it means no quality loss.

Now, I wouldn’t ddvr of calling the upstanding people at Sunrich Technology a bunch of shameless swindlers, a nest of thieves, or a collection of clue-free dimwits who don’t know the real specifications of their own products.

I found this edrv googling for drivers click on the download drivers tab. May 03, That ain’t a problem. The eDVR viewfinder is quite atrocious. Not professional aerial effects quality, of course, but darn good for a dirt cheap buy-and-fly plastic plane with a simple consumer camera strapped to it.