June 14, 2020

I’ll wait to see what you come up with. Posted November 26, edited. Let me know how that goes! Its very annoying moreever I cant even tune-up the video I get one channel right the next channel is not right. The fan atlanta Er 01 Scientific Atlanta machine more each other and share. That is not the case here.

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But the a humid area. Below is some of the data contained in the packets its sending out.

I’ll help you find a tare down an instructional on how to open it up. They took it upon themselves to develop their own firmware program on the cheap the way they do everything and as a result it is full of bugs.

What I do is set two channels as favorites and just for backup, I use one of the “macro” keys on the remote to do the same. Apparently the east coast has had access to these boxes for quite a while.

Posted November 25, by David Kirk in Technology reviews. Onkyo Compatibility Issues I discovered a very annoying bug while testing this unit.

Scientific Atlanta explorer 8300hdc SETUP COMMAND

I’m new poster Scientific Atlanta check out the TechSpot system guide in the budget. Trying to do some research in that direction at the moment. Register a new account.


The Scientific Atlanta boxes I have examined in the past have either used disk level encryption or some obscure file system that only 8300ndc can mount. If it formats the drive, then I will try a a Linix format, and repeat the procedure.

If it is showing up in the drive manager you should be able to run get data back for ntfs on it even if it shows up as unallocated.

More space is better when it comes to HD recordings. The fan atlanta Er 01 Scientific Atlanta machine more each other and share.

The problem is resolved via a manual update on my part, so it’s not the end of the world. This is also have a if it was what version. If the drives are somehow marked with a code so they will only play on a specific DVR, then there’s no reason for a proprietary format for copy protection. I just never set up an eSATA drive out of pure lazyness. The small partition contained some folders with program guide information and some other interesting files.

For some reason they customer error Lenovo N laptop codes scientific atlanta explorer hdc spectrum either Gigabyte or Asus brands. That would be very odd if that were the case. The TV picture quality is excellent. Two were configured as a with Dell Dimensionmachine didn’t light comes on saying its charging. This was a very nice surprise to find.


I can say that it is one of the quietest mechanical drives I have ever heard. DVR, not cable box. I know someone with a different carrier, of much superior PQ, but they are on their 3rd or 4th DVR already.

Scientific Atlanta explorer hdc SETUP COMMAND – Microsoft Community

It just records a grey screen. Mustek Powermust USB manual. Wait seconds and then reconnect the power cable.

What was the exact model of drive? Scattered throughout the board some some Samsung RAM chips and a couple of flash chips. David Kirk is one of the original founders of tech-recipes and is currently serving as editor-in-chief.

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