November 14, 2020

Setting this to 0 will produce a chattery and grainy feeling wheel, while a higher value will produce smoother and more subtle feedback. Windows should find them automatically when you plug it in both USB cables and power it up. Menu navigation and look around are on the bottom left pod and Okay and Cancel are on the top left. The game is pretty cool with the GS4 and AccuForce. High Peaks Allowed – Obsolete was the old maximum possible strength value. While it will dampen out oscillation while the car is in motion, it will also dampen out the wheel in the scenarios where you actually need it to spin in the other direction quickly because you need to save the car in a slide.

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Also thanks for all your posts on the forum, I just joined iracing october of last year and isrtv site and forum were a huge help in helping me gather info for getting started in sim racing. Next go in to the game and goto the controllers menu. The wheel friction setting isn’t helpful, but the direct drive moves so quickly that I wonder if it might need some damping. Avenga76, have you found that this game needs some damping with the accuforce?

For other who want to play around is the Scale force Go to. Thanks guys for your reply i will switch to win 10 also. I spent all night writing this guide so I have only done about half a stage.


Very Dissapointed in Simxperience Accuforce customer service

There is no way to tell which device is your wheel so set them all to wheel. I still haven’t got my DSD pedals going but that is my next step. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

I think what they are doing is scaling up the force so they feel quick enough on something like a CSW but then when you go to a Direct Drive wheel like the ones we have then they are too windlws and powerful so this scaling to too much.

Jan 12, 8.

Problem – Accuforce wheel and Game FFB freezes. Windows 10 issue? | Sector3 Studios Forum

windowe I have been sitting with an OSW small mige in front of dirt for the last three days There are many “insiders” in the forum so accufforce u are not acduforce to say ‘bad” things about the wheel. Dirt Rally has the typical Codemasters problem where it will only work with wheels that it recognizes.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Smoothing is important here, so make sure you again, tune to feel. A higher value will make the wheel harder to change direction than a lower value. Turn your wheel to 90 degrees, it should be very close to what you have set in SimCommander or your wheel software.

I am windoqs happy with the feel of the FFB setup, it feels way too dead when the steering is pointing straight ahead. However, if you’ve found a way to configure your AccuForce wheel for Pirate Ship Simulatoryou can set the range up to degrees!


It doesn’t cause a problem if you set them all to wheel. Windows should find them automatically when you plug it in both USB cables and power it up. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Sets the range of rotation for the wheel. These sub settings can help the game produce more car like vibrations instead of playing selected theme songs from Alfred Hichcock movies.

Accuforce and Non supported wheel and pedals fix

Accufoece 6, 3. It’s not just a checkbox! Yes, my password is: It’s difficult to say which mode is the “true” mode, acccuforce you sit with a torque wrench and measure the output torque value and compare that against what the FFB signal source wanted it to represent. It tried turning even further to 0. At the moment that is only Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster. Do yourself a huge favor, and set this to 0!

After contacting support they agreed to take everyting back and gave me a full refund including the shippingcost. Thanks for the reply The first is complete instructions for if you haven’t used my fix before and the second windowss how to change the XML files if you have already done my fix.