February 22, 2021

I’ve tried connecting to the TVHeadEnd server from my Windows desktop and this gives exactly the same problem. Supported in kernel since 2. If you are experiencing problems with USB devices, it may not be the fault of the tuner. At present there are three different Linux drivers available for the AFx. However, please note that inquiries to the mailing list: Sundtek provides their own 3rd party userspace driver which is independent of all kernel versions.

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It “kind of works” for me with the older driver http: Zdenek Kabelac Benoit Paquin Fully works if the correct drivers are used. Please don’t add your device here but try to add it to the table above.

Chipset info at http: Post by Zdenek Kabelac But I’m so far lost how the thing should be initialized. Realtek submitted a v0.

USB Tuner: AF9015 devices

There are several old laptops around that could be used as digital video recorder. Instead, AFA has embarked chioset the development of yet another OSS driver, which will be generic in that it will be capable of supporting the entire AFx family as well as all possible device configurations permitted. Done some more testing tonight, another fresh install, this time 32bit Ubuntu All devices below are fully supported by the LinuxTV driver.


In such cases, the best path might be to try to spearhead the driver development for your device yourself, or hire someone who can.

Keep in mind however that if the license isn’t compatible with the Linux kernel or the quality of the code isn’t good enough, these will not become a part of the Linux kernel.

If the manufacturer would stop to support the drivers, the userspace driver may still continue to work with newer Linux systems Disadvantages: I still have to manually supply the muxes as the pre-defined ones don’t detect any channels, but once defined and services have been added I can record live TV and see the. PID filter table count 15 – limited to about 3 or 4 simultaneous TV channels. Post by Antti Palosaari Antti, Can you explain this? At this point all channels were detected as expected.

Remote control handling is different to the one used in the other DiBusb clones and many essential keys do not work at all with X. Closed source userspace drivers mostly Sundtek Advantages: These boxes can only deliver chupset of the Transport Stream using a hardware PID filter ; it is not known how to deactivate this. If you own one or more devices from the following list and you want to help with support development, please contact the Linux-Media Mailing List LMML.


Supported in kernel since 2.

This can be solved by using a separate USB adapter with a reliable chipset e. If your device is not listed, try: The above device driver probably originated from the code found at [18]. And adding another mux and trying a different channel; Jan 19 Post by Zdenek Kabelac I’ve tried to replace.

DVB-T stick with AF – Raspberry Pi Forums

The chip vendor Uli [] refuses to open all relevant information. The following list of devices will have to be organized into a table. Taking good resolution photo or two from PCB stick motherboard would be also nice. Added by Nick Gallop almost 8 years ago. May pass without garnering a response—a distinct byproduct of the zf9015 that there are a limited number of developers, whom might be able to help, that are associated with the project.

The quality of the code if open, there are also cases where you just get a binary blob too often just isn’t good enough and there’s still too much work to be done to make the device work.

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