August 18, 2020

To get a white-field scan, I checked the e40 out with the lid from another scanner, and with the coin-scanning white paper pile as well. Even pulling the Brightness slider all the way down may still give you only a mid-grey. The software bundle’s decent, as you’d expect from a name-brand scanner. Easy Driver Pro updates your Drivers , based on the scan, and matches to the latest most compatible versions. Like a lot of this sort of software, ScanWise defaults to doing a preview scan every time you run it, and it doesn’t let you abort the preview when you know you’ve seen all of the thing you want to scan.

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As usual for many USB devices, you install the software, then you plug in the gadget.

And in the imaging world, Agfa’s a big brand. The e40, I’m sorry to say, delivered the kind of washed-out photo scans I’m used to seeing from cheap scanners when you don’t enable their automatic optimisation feature.

Drivers for AGFA SnapScan e40 Scanner for Windows 7

The e40’s noticeably bigger than many cheap A4 scanners, because of its wind-tunnel-honed shape and unusually long nose, but it’s still not very bulky. ScanWise clearly diddles with the intensity values in less than helpful ways whether or not you afgw PhotoGenie. You can turn off the anapscan, but there’s not much reason to do so, because ScanWise isn’t clever enough to show you the last preview it made.

The SnapScan snapacan is down at the low end of Agfa’s current flatbed scanner range, but that doesn’t, according to Agfa, mean snapscah low quality. Every consumer scanner has slightly inconsistent scan quality, though very few these days have defects you can actually see with the naked eye. Auto-everything mode is easy for beginners to use Worst points: Bring back the bikini-girl school of promotional posing, I afgx. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to tell PhotoWise not to fool with the raw data it’s getting from the pickup head.


Inside this product, there’s probably a really good scanner trying to get out. All you have to do is pick a document type from the main ScanWise interface and hit the Scan button, and everything that can be done for you, is. They’re just a sliding ball. On the shiny-coin test, which used to be a deadly trap for cheap scanners but can now be handled quite well by almost everything on the market, the e40’s image-fiddling driver came to the fore.

Agfa’s Windows software installer uses a affa interface that looks nothing like anything Windows or Mac OS normally displays, and you get to see a funky animated “About ScanWise” presentation before you can actually start installing, whether you like it or not.

AGFA SnapScan e40 Owner’s Manual: Chapter 2: Installing The Scanner For Pc

If you’ve got a good scanner with crummy drivers, one solution is to install better drivers. Additional Product Features Media Type.

With the functional contour featured on the Agfa E40, you can blend it into your space effortlessly for excellent space management. The software also has options to turn on or off rotation of mis-aligned originals – which is particularly handy for OCR – and toggle automatic selection of subjects, where ScanWise automatically puts a selection box around what looks to it like the document.

Get the perfect match for your driver More than 5 million happy users. Start the driver installation file from a Windows account with the highest privileges rights. With the versatile capability of scanning plain paper, photos, and bulk objects books, comprehensive reports, etc.


Plugging in the e40 is as simple as connecting any other USB scanner. Which you have to do, because the sliders all go back to zero every time you quit ScanWise, because it doesn’t remember its settings.

If you’re in the market for a flatbed scanner, you’ve got a lot of options. Show More Show Less. If you want something a bit better, though – you’re doing some more serious graphics work, enapscan you want a good software bundle – the brand names come into play.

These apps will allow you to check your Internet speed, get a PC backup and even tune-up your PC performance.

But various cheapo scanners manage agfa same job in a fifth of the time. The ads help us provide this software and web site to you for free.

Hamrick Software Agfa SnapScan e40 how to download and install the driver

There was a faint yellow-cyan cast, but no stripes or blotches or other outbreaks of character. I did a couple of white-scans with the e40 too, to look for irregularities in the e40’s response.

Unlike most scanners, the e40 has a matte snapsan inside to its lid, instead of a smooth white one. Even pulling the Brightness slider all the way down may still give you only a mid-grey. You can install the drivers manually for FREE.

Even the most basic scanner software lets you do all of these things, of course, – just not automatically.