October 6, 2020

Use paper that has been stored properly. Check the indicated tray. C Push the metal plate down until it clicks into place to lock. For A4-size prints, raise the forward fence. The Alert indicator is lit. Install the indicated paper input tray correctly.

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Hot water will set the toner into the fabric and may make removing the stain impossible. We advise you to take this product instead afiico the original! Yellow Yellow The error message appears even though the print cartridge is set correctly.

Paper Type Mismatch The paper type setting in the tray differs from that of actual Paper of the selected type is not loaded in the indicated pa- paper type in the tray.

Guide to the Printer Exterior: To resume from the Energy Saver mode, the printer has to d222dn up, and this takes time until printing starts. Keep the area around the socket free of dust. Collects toner that is wasted during printing.

Reference For details about paper types supported by the printer, see p. Then, 5 put the old print cartridge into the bag, and then put it into the box.


Ricoh SP CDN – printer – color – laser Overview – CNET

Cause There are problems with the printer. Looking for a c222ddn gift that’s not too expensive? Paper of the selected paper size is not loaded in the indicated paper source tray. I’d rather not have to run the SOM software, I prefer the web interface, so would like to get the password reset if it’s at all possible.

Ricoh Aficio SP CDN Toner Cartridges

Indicates important safety notes. Clean the printer periodically to maintain fine printing.

Toner quality degrades over time. Place the tray on a flat surface. A paper jam occurs when duplex printing is performed.

Last edited by femaster; at The Toner Y indicator is lit.

Ricoh Aficio SP C222DN

While moving the machine, you should take care that the power cord will not be damaged under the machine. If all the indicators are still lit, contact your service representative. ASHS 4 F Check there are no gaps between the paper and the paper guides; both side and front end paper guides. Do not aficoi the machine on an unstable or tilted surface.


ASHS H Check there are no gaps between the paper and the paper guides; both side and front end paper guides. I’m looking at access through the Web Image Monitor. When adjusting the printing position, see Software Guide.

C Lift and pull Tray 1 carefully, and then pull it 2c22dn with both hands.

Open the indicated cover, and then replace the Waste Toner Bottle. Depending on which country you are in, certain units may be c22dn.

A paper misfeed occurs during paper feeding. Workgroup printer – laser – color. When removing the waste toner bottle, make sure not to tilt it. The setting for [Auto E-mail Notifi- After changing the setting, turn the main unit’s power off cation: Do not copy or print any item for which reproduction is prohibited by law.

Prints do not stack properly.