July 28, 2020

The software will be available in November After about an hour, he got to a point where my PC was recognizing the driver and everything seemed to be installed correctly. As a Windows user, I have long coveted Apogee products. It just feels like an after-thought. Here are my specs:

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Originally Posted by VRW. I’m not sure the Avid driver will work with an Apogee branded Duet 2. Its just what I have experienced being in this business for decades. So aopgee Apogee side of this unit is excellent indeed. Has anyone tried to get the duet 2 to work on a windows machine using asio4all and reaper Thanks.

All times are GMT But now that they are within my grasp why am I not as excited as perhaps I should be? He told me to keep him in the loop once i got a hold of Avid support. New, New York Posts: So this is only for Windows 10? All the best again! However if you are using a Windows machine you really better save yourself trouble and return the Quartet as long as it will be possible!

They are right up my street in terms of form factor and functionality. Other experienced and very knowledgable users like Darryl Ramm already have talked about Avid falling behind on support or even deciding to abandon yet another product which they often have done this way in the past with products which had become to difficult to support further on as to too many issues.


You will not get happy with the Avid version of the Quartet I am afraid! Once again, this is not Duet 2 which is windowz a Mac only device.

Windows 10 Compatibility for Apogee ONE, Duet and Quartet Audio Interfaces

Send a private message to mike8luk. When I run the updater per the instructionsit tells me over and over that I wndows to connect the Quartet. I’m having issues getting the Quartet installed on my Win 7 machine. Have they never had any products with Windows support?

All times are GMT He finally came back and said that I had a defective product and I need to send it back. Windows 10 Compatibility for Apogee Products.

I really hope that I’m wrong about this and that I’m just over-looking something and it’s totally ‘user-error’ on my part. Originally Posted by musmin Thanks! I apoges have a Duet I bought for my iPad Pro a couple years ago. Surely it would be better to release something new and exciting? I installed the latest drivers 1.


The buttons are all back-lit, but I can’t activate them, and there are no readings whatsoever on the meters. Either way, its cool to see that they are branching out.

When I went windowe my PC’s Sound Control Panel, the Quartet wasn’t there, and it had a little ‘x’ over the speaker in the lower right-hand corner dock. Wishing you the very best for your future system and may you have lots of fun fuet it after this difficult start whichever route you decide to go finally.

Apogee finally releases Windows drivers for its (old) audio interfaces –

I am so incredibly frustrated with this, I’m about ready to call it quits and take a step down to another interface. Anyway, I’m open for advice from anybody! Is there any support I can get without paying for it?