June 8, 2020

Here is the link to BWC’s blog post about the 7. Or sign in with one of these services. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Also published special debug build with logs enabled. I do agree with that, but I also believe that many have overstated the extent andmisrepresented the nature of the effect.

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Posted March 31, 10 hours ago, Svyatpro said:. This is build compatibility issue, otherwise I cannot build driver.

Added extended ATA device information support to atactl. There was value assignment instead of comparison. It seems to have disappeared from Microsoft’s website.

Microsoft Windows 2000/NT 5.0 [Build 2195] (February 2000 – July 2010)

DMA Engine is enabled and works now!!! Now smartmontools works with UniATA. On some devices we must wait for DRQ bit assertion if blavkwingcat error occured.


Prev 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Next Page 42 of Experiments show that this workaround helps in many cases. There is still one common problem with modern hard driver of more than Gb capacity also known as LBA or BigLba.

No other issues exist. There’s another good resource for unofficial kernel patches here: I tried to install b57win32 from your blog. What is provided under the WISE license is so essential, thatonly a few companies ever got one. Many report have blackwnigcat it a blueprint, but that’s wrong.

Can’t get BWC’s AHCI/USB drivers to work on Q87 chipset? – Windows //NT4 – MSFN

Wed Aug 24, 1: Fixed compatibility issue with DDK Not wata yet but a little closer, the red part is advice from pci-z 1. Sign in with Twitter.

Added check for readiness of device to accept transfer mode adjustment request.

Thank you for the information, I think I understand a little better now. Extended kernel, what version? It has very interesting algorithm.


Especially topical for w2k, where changing of IDE controller makes system unbootable. You can open it via regedt Posted March 30, 43 minutes satw, Svyatpro said:.

Core 2 family note: Now driver is detected and installed automatically. Treate thanks to Root for testing. Posted March 11, http: Posted March 17, Can you check it on any virtual machine?

The source that leaked is part of what MainSoft got under that rather exclusive WISE license, andwhat it got is the hottest part of Windows. To fix this problem, I dried three or four other drivers from Windows Legacy Update, but they all had the same problem.