June 12, 2020

These shots were taken from a THX intro displayed on a 19″ Trinitron flat screen monitor. I just upgraded motherboards and am using the Realtek onboard audio. Biostar T-Force Opteron x10 1. ALSA auto detects your sound cards, sets up the configuration, and plus it has a few nice extra features over what stand alone kernel modules offer. Switched to the Delta DiO 4. You don’t need a full sound card at all to do this really.

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The only cards I have found va515m do are the ones mentioned above. A number of motherboards support this chip, such as Asus, but it depends completely on the model of your motherboard. Reply – Quote – Report Abuse. After the DreamWorks intro to Gladiator, it starts showing various scenes with bright flashes between them. The best way of transmitting audio from any device to another is by way of a PCM stream.


My Windows XP has every update installed. If I ever upgrade the Marantz preamp, I may switch back the the Delta card. Or all of these ? Audiophile cards Right now, the only audiophile card that is reported chaingech work is the M-Audio card. The short answer I received was that there can be incompatibilities between professional gear the Delta DiO card and consumer gear I’ll try locking my preamp into DD or DTS tonight rather than let it auto detect the mode. Toshiba SD-M purchased from directron.


And it has a lot more detail on too and is at x Please register or login. Found a bargain card by searching the AV Science forum.

Chaintech-excel Av515m Review (owners chime in)

Upgraded the driver to 4. What about if you have a receiver with digital inputs? But in kernels 2. Both are about 3 years old. With a PCM stream you’re guaranteed a perfect audio sound. It all just worked! The PowerStrip timings I used were can be found here. The photos above were taken with the XP30 and projector set to display a 4: I installed Windows 98 then upgraded to Windows ME.

I’m still using my NEC-LT projector which may very well not deal with progressive video as well as today’s projectors. I think the Philips might be a “keeper. These shots were taken from a THX intro displayed on a 19” Trinitron flat screen monitor.

The time now is After a few games it randomly rebooted and went back to the 2d clocks. I’ve also heard that Musical Fidelity X-can V2 although not sure does this one have crossfeeding and Cjaintech HeadAmp1 were good, anyone tested them?


You either get it, or don’t. Linux and Windows – No Boot. Well, this has been an on-going frustration. What do you really need the sound card to do?

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If you have the NForce chipset, I’d recommend this audio option first. Also tweaking just about anything in the M-Audio control panel enough to make chaintch audio reset will fix the problem. Had to buy a new sound card since the Quadzilla was not supported under Windows XP. We need to get you on the Vxd drivers for you to route AC3 through the Delta.