April 5, 2021

RAID would be handy in those applications. Please note we also provide technical support for older versions of Ubuntu, but not in the bug tracker. It is a video management system in which Submitted by Mike Chin on Wed, Reproduction is limited to words and must be prominently linked to source material.

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Intel D201GLY2 Mini-ITX mainboard

Declined for Lucid by Bryce Harrington. It features multiple outdoor landscape and dark underwater scenes. This bug was reported against an earlier version of Ubuntu, can you test c201gly2 it still occurs on Lucid?

Below I list what I remembered that I added in. Our sample turned out to be a DGLY2 Ta fact we didn’t actually notice until we’d gone through most of the testing.

Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on While we wouldn’t recommend running the system completely passively, very little airflow is required to keep all the components of the board within safe limits. It looks like it’s displaying an incorrect pixel every time there’s a write d210gly2 video RAM.

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Support for Intel® Desktop Board DGLY2

So it does use more power, while the chipset quite possibly uses a lot less than the power hungry Express. This package provides the video drivers and Control Panel for the Intel GM Chipset in the supported notebook models and operating systems.


One of these days I will get a proper case for this thing. Do you know if the patch works in newer Ubuntu releases?

With only a 1. The BIOS was rudimentary, not worth posting any pictures of. More vdieo be supported unofficially—I did not try anything bigger than a 1GB module because I did not have one. This information was last pulled 9 hours ago. Google Earth was asking a bit much. Hiri for Windows 0.

Well, now it is! They’re made to provide an acceptable computing experience on a severe budget or where energy consumption may be a concern.

Intel D201GLY2 Video Driver

It happens on Ubuntu’s stock drivers on both Hardy and Intrepid haven’t tried earlier versions. This bug affects 11 people.

While the product page on Intel’s website mentions an “optional” S-Video port, they forget to mention that this version comes with the previous generation Celeron instead of the new-and-improved I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any pictures for this review other than the one of the board with its box. CPUBurn processor stress software.

Whereas the occasional frame or two was dropped from the Coral Reef video, the occasional frame would be rendered from the Flight Simulator clip. Also noticeable is the swapped position of the heatsink and fan. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.


Have either of you experimented with the official Intel drivers? Actually getting one of these motherboards looks to be more difficult and possibly more expensive than the much more common DGCLF Atom-based board. I know c201gly2 is really old, but I’ve had this board for about a year and a half with the issue.

I have build that driver within xorg7. I don’t know why this is, other than the fact that SiS does not have the name or popularity that Intel does. Dan Weiss danweiss wrote on This package contains the vjdeo driver for the Vidwo GM Chipset in the supported notebook models running a supported Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To power an entire computer system for less than 40W AC albeit with a high efficiency power supply gives rise to new possibilities.