June 7, 2020

A couple of additional ports would have been nice, along with the option to go beyond this basic level of graphics. The 56Wh battery offers a decent battery run time. The HDTune benchmark results for this lie as you would expect in the average range. Because our test model is destined for long-term use as an office notebook, a matt version with x pixel resolution and The signal via the 3.

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Thanks to the matt surfaces there are hardly any disruptive reflections. A couple of additional ports would have been nice, along with the option to go beyond this basic level of graphics.

That the Vostro is very well suited to its target market, with good office performance and a matt screen option. The layout of the ports is fine. Then the download button here: After unpacking 1,kB will be used.

Computer powers off in sleep mode The Vostro is currently available with three varieties of screen: According to Dell, the Vostro can also be supplied with a 46Wh 6-cell battery as well as a larger 9-cell battery with a 85Wh capacity.

However, the screen is steady at every angle, and the laptop can be opened to almost degrees. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. The two touchpad keys are responsive and, as is typical with Dell laptops, have a greater stroke length than most on most laptops.


The range of viewing angles is good though not outstanding. However, a higher maximum volume would be an improvement.

Download free drivers & software for Vostro (Dell)

Some of the space that would theoretically have been available for the keyboard is taken up by 34mm loudspeaker strips on either side of it.

Happily this is also true of the area above the disk drive. The Dell Vostro is srorage at users with no exceptional demands vlstro a notebookwho first and foremost need basic functions like e-mail, internet, word processing and image manipulation. At 15 inches, the Vostro is still fairly portable but also offers quite a pleasant screen size.

There should be a service tag located on the laptop’s bottom.

Dell Vostro 1520 Drivers Download

Also note you may have a wireless switch which is disabled. Under other devices the following have explamation points: The machine may not offer any highlights in terms of its case, design or connectivitybut it does consistently meet the demands of a basic model for small to mid-size firms. The white seems brighter and the black stronger when compared with the Acer Extensa which was also on hand average: This same tab has contgoller Intel Chipset driver which is also required and as I had already installed this, I mistakenly thought the O2Micro chipset driver was for some other type of configuration.

The size of the keys themselves is pretty generousand nothing is surprisingly laid out. This way you get a larger usable desktop area vontroller with the WXGA version with a maximum screen resolution of x Did this solve your problem? No separate number block, but left You would also want to upgrade to a Bit operating system if upgrading beyond 4GB. However, the user will be more interested in the realistic battery run time of minutesalmost four hours, with WLAN on and an adjusted screen brightness and energy profile.


The plastic casing is fundamentally sound. The size of the pad is perfectly adequate.

When the lid passes below a certain minimum angle it closes automatically. Simple office uses like word processing, spreadsheets and web surfing present no problem, and even simple image manipulation programs run without difficulties on the machine. The same goes for the RAM, which is easily accessible through its own access panel on conttroller underside of the machine. The underside of the base is furnished with two generous access panelsso that a system upgrade or maintenance work can be carried out relatively easily.