August 1, 2020

More info Data sheet Download Comments The Micro FlexDrive is a high-efficiency switching current regulator that can be powered by battery combinations which result in a Voltage of 2. Thanks dzodzo I will take your advice next time I need to buy a projector. You extend the lower range with this pot a little bit so you can go to lower currents and the range of the pot is bigger , but this shouldn’t matter. If you have ever looked at a static frame and wished you could move it and twist it while spinning it and stretching it, and recolor it all live to an amount determined by a slider s in your hardware MIDI controller, LSX is the software for you. Usability improvements were a primary concern, and with the help of C Favreau and others thank you! Hey guys, I’d like to let you know that lasercam now supports the Kinect 3D camera for use in getting live figure shapes without needing a contrasting background or clothing. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Do you know the nicks of these guys in the forum that build lasers?

Introducing two new miniature drivers for portable lasers

Signup Issues have been resolved hopefully. Shorting out pins to adjust current isn’t particularly optimal anyway. If I do this change what about the rest of the projector hardware, any other change needed? Sure it could be a little better with a mouse but you can already do tons! Payment will be promptly made.


Notify me when available. Int-erest ing thread title did you know that the controller chip has ttl control built in on a separate pin? Laser Pointer Store Home Members.

Schematics of Micro Flex Drive V5 / Replacement for pot / trimmer | Laser Pointers

What exactly is that? Thread starter DasGeraet Start date May 29, Does one of them output. June 04, While the pro version comes with over shows, for those that are interested in creation, give yourself some time to learn all of the features dralva capabilities of the software.

Note that you can only see posts made in areas you currently have access to. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Micro Flexdrive V5

I supouse, that Drlava is changing the voltage in the range of 0 V to 5, using fBright parameter, but for my laser this doesnt works properly, am I doing something wrong?

I myself just asked if the LSX software is active or abandoned as I am waiting for a key after a laseer. Dr Which of your drivers is currently available?

June 03, This product is no longer in stock Availability date: Then you measure the current flowing to the diode. I would really be surprised if he stole from you, I could see product not being shipped and frustrating, but as I stated the reserved charge falls off if not shipped and then will get charged once shipped; when using google checkout as he drlavs.

April 08, Hey guys, I’d like to let you know that lasercam now supports the Kinect 3D camera for use in getting live figure shapes without needing a contrasting background or clothing. Kenom Well-known member Apr 15, I guess everyone is busy working on their stuff or creating new art.


dr lava laser api | arduino laser | Pinterest | Arduino laser, Laser show and Arduino

In addition, a live desktop area capture feature allows you to convert videos, drawings, and more to laser in real time, using any player such as VLC.

BlinkenLights on June 03, Combined with Inkscape http: Joined Oct 22, Messages 14 Likes 3 Points 0. Lava, Your site says that your V5 micro drivers are out of stock.

Joined Jul 10, Messages 7, Likes 1, Points Awesome but, the fact that the new flexdrive is even smaller makes it impossible to solder at least for me, since i’m not experienced in soldering on tiny components: If you’ve ever wanted to apply a single animation set to sets of frames all at once, including a live abstract, you can do erlava with LSX.

I’d like to thank everyone for the great feedback and excitement you have given and shown so far, and extend an invitation to join what will be the official support forum which is being built for LaserCam, ILD SOS, and future software here: