January 7, 2021

I was running Windows 7 with an E-MU , working very well. I got this link on Creative EMU support. I can do what I did in xp with my soundcard in windows 7. Originally Posted by richie Wednesday, February 4, 7:

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I haven’t been using a lot of tracks with yet. I have the e-mu and after I’ve follow the exact steps that been provided by richarddurand, it’s like a magic just happened works perfectly. Hi, do you have any plans to release a Windows 7 driver for the EMU ? I couldn’t get my EMU to respond at all after pci/pci upgrade.

EMU 1616 and Windows 7 64 bit OS

Nor is it the place where we discuss or disclose upcoming product development or non released features and functions. Beha anyone has any ideas as to what is going on, please do let me know.

Friday, October 23, 2: Technical Support is not the place where future, new features or product development is discussed. We are keeping a log of known issues specific to Windows 7. Response was something like, “sent for testing”. Install the beta drivers from located here: I’m still getting used pcci/pcie the OC so I can’t really comment on the routing. Monday, January 11, 7: It seems quite hard to find em PCIe card at a sensible price with ASIO i am running windows 7 64 bit professional and the e-mu beta drivers.


Creatives only interest are new consumer soundcards. I own and use a pci card on a Vista system of which is the last.

BSOD’s with EMU m PCI in Windows 7 bit

The Emu forums are pretty useless in getting emk. Originally Posted by spaz bouviere so does anyone have 64bit drivers they can forward me??? Windows 7 IT Pro.

The only time it can change is if you open some project that was saved in a different number. Today I installed firefox plus various plugins including the shockwave plugin.

I am using the analog output, haven’t yet tested the optical and the others. What should I do now? No sound at all?

Based on the list above, looks like the last item could be the logical option for the latest patch mix. I’m beginning to think the only fix may be a new pfi/pcie. Here’s what I can find. It does not do as much as the m but the OC is a superior interface. Upon rebooting, everything went fine and I can tell from my patchmix that it is set to 48k. Wednesday, November 25, 4: Almost makes want to switch to Reaper None of the crashes are wwindows related to the drivers.


There is the beta driver, the earlier “stable’ driver, and the “application”, which I presume is the Patchmix app.

When one is doing the process of self-analysis, One should make sure that the Self that is doing the analysis is, in fact, sane. Send a private message to Billy M.