August 1, 2020

Mar 30 They know it seems to be an issue with AMD, and I’m sure they’re working on it. Windows 7 Home Premium bit 6. Thank you very much. I think I solved the black screen issue, at least, for me, where as soon as you start the screen goes black. HD Audio Microphone 2,0x,1,1,ksproxy. I get a loss of control of all peripherals and an error about my graphics driver going unresponsive leading to a hard turnoff.

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SWTOR Black Screen crashing / Hard Crashing [Archive] – STAR WARS: The Old Republic

And to those of you defending them saying they are working on it?!! Windows 7 Ultimate bit 6. Not granting us what was promised is starting off SWTOR on a bad foot, and I can only hope for Bioware’s sake that the situation improves.

Der zweite Punkt wars. We tried it, didn’t work.

Plus the guild I am in is a very high end guild that is advancing without me. Bei meiner Demo wird alles Schwarz-Weiss dargestellt. Time you spend judging others should be spent on introspection as to why you feel its your place to judge.


No its not a hardware issue, its the game. This worked solidly for about 3 days. I have no clue hl-dt-sf to fix it but I wanted to let Bioware know what I found so maybe we can get a fix for this soon, I am pretty disappointed: Changed my power to high performance 9.

Drivers for HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW CT30F

Yes Default Voice Capture: Thanks bl-dt-st the reassurance, I got nervous it was my graphics card, although I’ve never had this problem with the client before, only after updating today, with this many people hopefully it flags them for a fix.

Ich meine die Windows Konten! Going to put my Dx in this new thread: Fault buckettype 0 Event Name: Yes Default Voice Capture: My game yesterday was fine. Put the hard drive back into the HP bdddvdrw my video card.

Is there any sign of a fix for this? Not run D3D7 Test Result: My screen is filled will all tones of red – nothing else – and yes, I’m also using Radeon card, HD Not found DxDiag Version: I’m sure they’re working on it.



The grand finale if you will Merry Christmas and to all a dead Jedi!! Here’s what my log says: Ich hab aber keine Ahnung wie das bei geht. It’s frustrating buying new components and the game just to have nothing work. Here’s my DXDiag again – as if it’ll matter. Zatoichi Lieu des incidents: Under clocked my video card 7.

Last week I tried the PTS and mine crashed to blue screen after the opening star fighter splash sceen. Because that’s a big chunk out of sub time. HP should be ashamed.