June 7, 2020

If you have a limited budget, this lets you plan smooth and gradual migration without investing additional money on existing programming. However, IBM advises that objects exceeding 15 KG might have an adverse effect on the operation of the Model A01, and should be tested prior to installation. Other dealers compete against this, so: Improved Performance The PR9 is designed with a pin print head to ensure that superb printing quality remains intact, even when working on large volume tasks. When font data for 9-wire print head is down loaded to IBM S01, the font image will be logically converted to that for printing on wire print head. The with B-Loop Attachment Feature can be reconfigured to support serial attachment to personal computers by changing machine parameters in self test mode.

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Features – No charge. 4722 language assignment is as follows. This allows greater flexibility in the layout of components within the operator workstation. Vertical fold print line perpendicular to centerfold stitch Maximum thickness cover closed: Cable for attachment via the RS serial interface.

A01 IBM Multi-Purpose Passbook Printer Model A01

A built-in REMS feature on eliminates this possibility. A publication for servicing IBM The printer has print span of 3 mm to mm from the left edge with minimum distance from the top and bottom edge of a medium being 6.

Customers can ptinter their investment over period of time by first replacing all the printers with and at a later date, and replace the controllers with personal computers. That’s one of the highest print throughputs in the industry.


IBM 9068-S01 Passbook Printer

It supports character pitches of 10, 12, Provides capability for attachment to the parallel port of a PC. The printer has print span of 3 mm ivm mm from the left edge with minimum distance from the top and bottom edge of a medium being 1.

Who says bigger is better? Replaces the base serial interface.

Copuprint SPPlus Passbook Printer

The B-Loop Attachment Feature allows smooth migration from system to personal computer-based system by supporting use of under both environments either one at a time.

It should be noted, however, that minor limitations exist to the compatibility. Yes Customer Setup Model conversions: The specify codes listed below must be used when an alternative to the plant country default is required.

The is capable of handling a variety of print media horizontal and vertical fold passbooks, multipart cutforms, envelopes, etc. Furthermore, it reduces the burden on the operator by avoiding errors such as printing on a wrong passbook.

IBM Passbook Printers

The specify codes listed below passboook be used when an alternative to the plant country default is required. Attachment Specify Serial RS Parallel Universal Serial Bus If no specify code for selecting the attachment method is specified in the order, the default setting is serial attachment.

The quiet operation less than 54 dB of the printer 422 a better work environment for the operator and will not interrupt a conversation in carrying out sales or consultations.

Shielded cable, 6m Attaches to prinyer computers via serial port base or optional parallel port or to IBM system via the optional B-Loop. The supports high speed printing at maximum burst speed of characters per second in 12 characters per inch pitch when using super draft print mode.


Media Specifications It can print on both vertical and horizontal fold passbooks with following specifications. Uni-directional PC Parallel communication Attachment Feature or Bi-directional universal serial bus passbook at speeds up to 1 Mbps.

Errors usually occur when using a separate hand-swipe magnetic stripe reader unit because the integrity of passbook operation depends heavily on operator precaution while handling the passbook. Replaces the base serial interface but can be reconfigured to support serial attachment instead of B-Loop attachment by changing machine parameters in self test mode.

Because PR2 Plus is equipped with auto detection and adjustment capability, it printet workflow and eliminates the need for manual adjustment, time-consuming reconfiguration and incorrect print runs with error-free transition between tasks. The Model A01 can be operated under application programs written for these printers without modification or recompilation.

This gives you more freedom in the configuration of a workstation and also provides a migration path from one attachment to another. Only one port ibmm active at a given time.

Replaces base operator panel.