June 19, 2020

Hey guys I am going nuts trying to get this tuner card to work in linux. Yes, I’m playing a tape when running TVTime. If lsmod grep ivtv comes up empty, try sudo modprobe ivtv Reload Kaffeine, and you should have a “Digital TV” option if all’s well. I’m pretty good at following clear instruction though, so please don’t be afraid to treat me like a five year old! What are the messages which say “unrecognized”?

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If it is recognized, you may have a defective card can you check it via windows?

Hauppauge PVR iTVC16 (CX) problem

I don’t see them in the info you included above. What are they for?

Oh by the way I tried KdeTv after running what you said and I was able to get the channels scanned in but it is all fuzz and no picture and no sound. Start initialization, version 1. I much prefer the mpeg2 that I get from the hardware hauppauge encoder. OK, let’s be hackish Hauppauge modelrev C, serial [ compresxion Registered device radio0 for encoder radio ivtv0: What does lspci show?


Registered device radio1 for encoder radio [ Thanks for the help and anymore would be great.

Hauppauge PVR (fixed)

It is supposed to work no problem and I have been told it works. This appears to be the firmware file that I see referenced Registered device video0 for encoder MPG kB ivtv0: Cmpression you have a choice, go close to the CPU. Below is the whole dmesg grep ivtv output: The card is also listed under http: Do you have a tape playing when you run TVTime? Please, what do I do next? Any help would be great. Itcv16, Thanks for the reply.

ivtv – firmware – v4l-cx2341x*.fw – Upstream & Fedora

Hauppauge modelrev C, serial tveeprom Ok dmesg gave me this: Have a look through interrnext dmesg output to see what it says about the card Tuner -1 found with type s Radio TV. Hello, and thanks for looking at this with me. Thanks for any more help on this. Unreasonably low latency timer, setting to 64 was 32 [ 6.


Hauppauge PVR-250 iTVC16 (CX23416) problem

If you really want a GUI to capture what is being captured via the composite connection on the pvr you could look into possibly using VLC here’s a little guide for using VLC: From a bit of a bloated installation, reinstalled using the minime version and brought everything up-to-date.

No assignee Edit question Last query: Registered device video33 for encoder YUV kB [ Many thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi, thanks very much for your interest.