February 15, 2021

See my previous post for details, which doesn’t even go into hard disk failures admittedly easy to fix, but the included hard disk has NO warranty at all, so you will be out the cost of it at any rate. That’s not all though; some people wonder why tivos have such bad data transfer rates for MRV, and the reason why actually has to do with the encryption scheme they use being horribly inefficient. Supposedly, they’ve verified that automatic firmware downloads for the MTR are not working properly, and it’s not just me. I haven’t kept up with DirecTVs latest offerings, but last I checked theirs was cheaper while having very good reviews, plus their sports package will hands down destroy anything cable offers. Click on through to the gallery to see all the pictures of it in action.

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SiliconDust HDHR Prime and MTR700 Tuning Adapter Issue

Apparently, Cox is having issues with MTRs that refuse to take firmware downloads and require replacement? I’m sorry but fronting up nearly a grand to break even after three years is not very appealing.

What I see is people don’t like forking out big up front costs for equipment and then they don’t like taking the risk associated with it.

Read the forum guidelines. The representative was clear that the MTR is capable of over-the-wire firmware updates and is supposed to be receiving them. The reason it’s so bad is because it uses a lock system that makes actions take a LOT longer than they need to it performs entire actions, and then before it commits them it checks if the database is in use, if it is then it fails and trashes the entire operation, and restarts it from scratch.


[CT] CATV – Motorola MTR TA firmware problem with TiVo Roamio – Cox | DSLReports Forums

You are preaching to the choir. Neither does the cable box though.

The problem is that the light on the front keeps flashing amber and never turns a solid amber color. From other forums, it sounds like this may take four to six trips to achieve. When connected, it apparently downloaded the new firmware. Not only that but I don’t have mltorola advertisements either they’re removed prior to delivery, no need to skip them.

SiliconDust HDHR Prime and MTR Tuning Adapter Issue – Missing Remote

Pairing or unpairing the device will usually cause the HR to generate a new ID. Learn How To Support Articles. While it does require a contract, so does tivo if you take the subscription route, only the hopper ends up being much cheaper, plus a lot better in nearly all respects.

The end result is a UI that is much slower than it should be, and a horribly energy inefficient design. After all this troubleshooting I’m not sure were to go from here because of various different responces I have recived from various different cox myr700.

It was only well publicized on the Xbox because people tend to move game consoles around a lot more than DVRs. Most Active Forum Topics this week They still use really cheap capacitors, and the most critical ones in the power supply are still to this day well known for failing, which is why you only have effectively a 90 day warranty.

I wouldn’t say that, but they have fewer Motorola head ends than Cisco’s, so they don’t have the issues come up as often just a guess. If people understood the cost was virtually identical motorkla a 3 year period, and understood all the advantages the TiVo has over the Cox DVR, I believe a lot more would chose a TiVo. The Cox supervisor, who was not a contractor, brought a new MTR with him to swap with my existing one. I live in a Cisco market, with Cisco TAs the firmware is automatically updated by the headend mtg700 the Tuning Adapter first communicates with the headend.


Rakeesh Member Jun Rakeesh Motoro,a Jun 4: It seems that TiVo and Motorola say that the minimum firmware needed to support a six-tuner device like a Roamio is Only reason the high amount of ram is needed is for ZFS to do its magic ZFS loves ram for big arrays the size of mine.

Anonguy to macwhiz Anon Jun 6: Their customer service is also awful.

Rakeesh Member Jun 2: I think we’re mostly on the same page, though. So while you might be out the cost of the hardware if the machine dies out-of-warranty, you won’t be out the cost of the lifetime subscription. I ordered Cox mtr070 DirecTV wanted me to cut down several mtr070 to improve my line of sight. But also, getting the sort of system you describe up and running reliably is probably well outside the skill set of the average DVR user, not to mention the copyright issues.

That’s not all notorola some people wonder why tivos have such bad data transfer rates for MRV, and the reason why actually has to do with the encryption scheme they use being horribly inefficient. No it’s not quite as good as you think.