February 22, 2021

Refer to REP Screws 2. If this item is selected when X and Y excitations are off, the X and Y excitations will be turned on and the initialization sequence will be carried out. RJ— C O N 4 0 3 0 I When a user has reported a fault, first select the applicable details from the trouble-shooting lists TRB and then check the conditions in detail by asking questions in accordance with the primary consultation ENT shown below. Use the specified network The optional network board can not be detected board. Contents 1 Model Name:

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If you can provide info for me, I will follow up with my results including pics, data etc.

VanderJ Jan 12, Is each color cartridge being inserted into its particular position? How to use the Maintenance Manual Model Name: The final sensor is Xf for X plane front I can not see where this sensor is located, but according to the service manual, there is a connector on the main logic board.

RJ— C O N 4 0 6 0 I If the fault-tracing procedure EXA has produced a replacement task, carry out the work of replacement and adjustment in accordance with the replacement and muoth ment procedure REP shown below. Open the Control Box. Check the AC power supply and This message indicates that a fault equipment around the printer then try again after switching the printer off and on.


Open the Front Cover.

RJ Bearing Grid Roller – DEX – Spare Parts

You will find many PDF documents for downloading and viewing from Web sites; you will need to download the Acrobat viewer as a plug-in. Name Appearance Remarks Drawing No. LPT LPT line print terminal is the usual designation for a parallel port connection to a printer or other device on a personal computer.

Jun 13, 3.

Mutoh pump for RJ-800, 4000, 4100, Rockhopper 38

Refer to REP Fastening 2. The sensor changed to this: Memory Capacity Memory Capacity Head Printing Verification ment parameter prints, if no serial number has been entered, a serial number will This procedure is used to print the head nozzle verification pattern and adjust- be requested.

Network Board Ethernet board initialization is in progress. Turn off the Power Switch and open the Control Box.

In fitting the Y Rail, the height is fixed by pressing on frame trol precision guide pins left and right in each of two places and parallelism and specifica How to replace the Steel Belt Model Name: Media Detection Sequence Model Name: I’ll try it, report back the progress for future searches.


Show Ignored Content Loading Is the number of copies set to 1 on the driver side? Assembly Black from the Main Board and check again. When the Speed Reduction Belt has been replaced, apply grease to the belt evenly. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs The power cable may remain connected.

Mutoh RJ Pigment

Even if there is no problem, switch on several times. Remove the Panel Mounting Plate. Maximum media width mm.

What i am asking is for info on the Mutoh Falcon RJ None There is no Ethernet board. When ink is ejected by the pump attached to the capping unit, head maintenance is carried out by wiping and rubbing actions.